Thursday, July 23, 2009

Always Tomorrow

Very draft, but wrote this while I was deploying the server. Criticism is always welcome.

This story deals with the absurd idea that Anarchists need to have a seat with the UN. I always wonder what smaller countries do in the UN, they probably get pushed around or ignored equally.

Always Tomorrow an Anarchist tale by Morg

Wilson smiled at the sandy haired woman sitting opposite him, a sort of smile only an accomplished bureaucrat with centuries of genetic inbreeding could accomplish. No malice or emotion of any kind; the news would not be well received; it was his duty as Under Sectary to the United Nations Department of Special Concessions.

I’m sorry to tell you this, Cynthia but I have to once again reject this motion. I won’t be able to put this for a vote. This time though you did manage to get this far… you should be proud of yourself and your people.

Figures she said, with an angry tang in her voice.
So they sent you to Jupiter to tell me that?

Yes indeed, I always wanted to come here, ever since I was in school. Coffee he said real African Starbucks blend 407. No thanks she said, I don’t drink coffee.

Both of them were surprised by the loud explosion outside, the door the siren rang out as the air pressure dropped in the main thoroughfare of the Jovian Regency.

Hmmm looks like another bombing Cynthia scowled, guess they knew you were coming.
Who? He looked around fearfully, a rapidly expanding puddle forming on the floor.

The other Anarchists’ who else would have a reason for blowing up a UN delegate from Special Concessions?

Well, guess I better be gone; now that were done she said with a glistening smile her black teeth; of which she was so proud.

Wilson struggled to pull himself along the rail, the gravity had gone and his uncoordinated form lurched and leered its way down the promenade he panicked as he launched himself accidentally down the escalator.

Fucking Anarchists, they must have planned this all along he muttered to himself.

Micro rockets slammed into the office he had just vacated as he plunged down the second set of escalators using the handrail to pull himself along.

Wilson wondered why the Anarchists insisted on applying every year, just as the security office for the Virgin Aeronautics shuttle faced him.

Quick sir, better hop aboard who knows how long it will take them to fix this free dock up.
As Wilson sat in his chair, aboard the five star shuttle he gazed back at the orbiting station and watched as numerous ships escaped.

Rescue balls cascading towards bigger ships in all directions. A literal fleet of the most badly maintained, obsolete and downright dangerous space ships started scooping up all the inhabitants of the decrepit space station. Somehow, it worked; somehow their society was performing the rescue of more than one hundred thousand people simultaneously, last time the UN tried to rescue anyone half of them had died because the effort took to long the resulting legal actions had meant that private companies could never be contracted to perform rescues even though they were probably the best qualified.

Wilson smiled, maybe next time we will give them what they want; a seat in the UN a voice to make a point with. There’s always tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Gentic Chimira Collective creature flavour story

This story takes a really humorous approach especially like the swearing dog, sounds like me when I'm tired or Damien when he is coding on the poo phone.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Play Test results of Blood of Sol

The GM managed to run a Blood of Sol Scenario for 3 players with Pre-generated characters. One of the players had never played before and he loved the settings gritty noir feel.

Most of the systems are well defined now, however we are reworking the way weapons are constructed to allow players to add customization.

The game went for 6 hours, longer than we expected but we had pizza while we played. The system works, so I guess its now a lot of editing and then some more content.

The world was well defined and the players felt comfortable with it, because it was familiar yet futuristic.