Tuesday, March 31, 2009

GDC was awesome, more human than human

I recently attended GDC, the Games Developers Conference in San Francisco. There I meet with several game designers, sound engineers, animators and CEOs. One thing is pretty clear, they like our ideas on the RTS title fortress.

This is a fantasy title and not a pen and paper game, so its place is not really in this blog however some of the themes of the game came directly from Space Game. The struggle of humanity although very cliche is a point of interest that most people pick up on. BSG is also a major influence in some aspects the inhuman human vs the human is a point that I would like to explore.

The most terrifying monsters are those that look and act like us, and that is an underlying theme in Blood of Sol, as it is in BSG. Dracula is a prime example, he is indistinguishable from a human until he feeds, this gives him the ability to move among us a true wolf in sheep's clothing.

Check out some GDC pics

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Genetic Survival

"Pre-universe species may be able to store their encoded genome in the shock wave of the big bang, and the resulting radiation could then mutate species evolving in the new universe. This gives a great premises for human aliens on a variety of worlds with no need for any lost civilization, lost tech or super aliens. "

I came up with the idea that basically a creatures genetic code can be altered by radiation, and this commonly leads to mutation. If we assume that the universe before this one had some creatures that desired to re-emerge past the destruction of their universe, they could be prepared for the destruction or cool down (take your pick), create a new universe and encode some exotic radiation that either moves slower than space time or stays stationery with space time. What this then means is that the information is retained, it also leaves the universe open to a very judaeo/christian outlook god created man in his own image, literally the man is god and the god is man.

This solves some of my delimas how to make settings with no super tech, proto cultures or advanced races. The humans could be spread through out the universe and could be different depending on which genes were on or off. Their own development is controlled by their mutations, their proximity to strange radiation etc.

If you look at space game, the universe uses the dark matter idea to create an information layer where all information in the universe is stored, however this dark mater is still in this universe this space time. I needed a way for older/elder things to exist outside of this creation entirely maybe even from another universe but I didn't want them to be able to get through without interacting with the life, systems and physics of this universe.