Tuesday, March 31, 2009

GDC was awesome, more human than human

I recently attended GDC, the Games Developers Conference in San Francisco. There I meet with several game designers, sound engineers, animators and CEOs. One thing is pretty clear, they like our ideas on the RTS title fortress.

This is a fantasy title and not a pen and paper game, so its place is not really in this blog however some of the themes of the game came directly from Space Game. The struggle of humanity although very cliche is a point of interest that most people pick up on. BSG is also a major influence in some aspects the inhuman human vs the human is a point that I would like to explore.

The most terrifying monsters are those that look and act like us, and that is an underlying theme in Blood of Sol, as it is in BSG. Dracula is a prime example, he is indistinguishable from a human until he feeds, this gives him the ability to move among us a true wolf in sheep's clothing.

Check out some GDC pics

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