Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Space Game edits and potential concept art

Space Game is getting an edit I have been working on the book in my spare time. I first edited the front pages that describe the universe that the game takes place in. Then I was thinking about balance, currently the humans are behind the eight ball along with the Brack, Drooge and Bastazi (Alien species in the setting).

I was even thinking of adding a 3rd powerful potential ally and enemy to the human race. Creatures who were born with beginning of the universe their, genetic material carried on the shock wave of the big bang. The radiation mutates certain creatures that live on dark matter worlds. These creatures are for all intents and purpose un-intractable with the light matter creatures of the Blood of Sol setting, however they can travel to this universe by transferring their information to other things. Its all a little vague at the moment but a third ancient power means that rather than two sides in the conflict we have three.

I want to start getting some other gamers into the game, and especially someone else to run it besides me.

I also spoke to a concept artist about creating all the races for the book, collecting all the existing concept art and getting it paid for. I don't know how much cash I am willing to throw into the project but I think that making the book look slick will be important for its success.

After seeing the D & D insider service, I see how awesome CharacterSheet online could be and I'm re-enthused to start work on it.

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Ransico said...

Would be interesting to see that third party interacting - could get some real scissor/paper/rockage going on. Especially if the humans could not interact directly with them.