Thursday, April 30, 2009

Game update Questions?


This is a short blog update, space game has been edited some more. I'm writing a few short stories to add some flav. What types of sci-fi stories work best for gamers, do gamers prefer the personal stories of people moving through a gray, Dystopian society where they struggle and against all odds sometimes come out on top; E.G: Anarchistic stories about the struggle against big companies and big government.

Or do game players prefer a space opera which is more epic on scale with ships and particle cannons, black hole bombs and wide spread panic. Or do players like a focus on the ideas that make the setting work, the meta physics of a sci-fi setting sometimes lead to stories of their own.

You decide!


Anonymous said...

The combination of those two options is the driving plot behind a lot of good space opera.

MacBane said...

That's a really good point, so you think that a nice all encompassing deep plot would be great which deals with social issues, science and organizations.

That would be hard in the short story format, but ill give it a go.

Thanks Dave