Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Is it time for fiction to be fiction and life to be life...

This post is a little different... so if your offended don't read just kidding Fuk U.

Basically my friend Ad who works for a large games company that basically owns everything as far as pen an paper RPG's astutely pointed out that even if I were to publish this game and the related materials for free, the content of the setting is offensive to "Americans" however I have found humor in several political aspects of all countries, history, religion etc not strictly American.

I find that if your designing games and settings its best to have some themes and undertones through out the entire setting. My setting has themes of alienation, poverty, depression (we call them recessions now), corporate dominance, human failing, and religion. In the setting all religions are as real to the people as they are to people now, the texts are based on real events in the setting, that are known by the aliens, the demons are real, the exist and inhabit a different section of reality the religions are based on events or reinterpretation of events that occurred long ago. I used some of those ancient texts of the Bible, the Khabala, the Enuma Elesh, the Kybalion, the Qur'an along with the archaeological musings of Egyptology from all different eras. These texts have some great tales and are the basis for much of our literature, culture and world.
As far as countries I have made some jibes at Great Briton, France, The Middle East, China, Russia, South Africa, Nazi Germany, The Roman empire, etc all in what I thought were compelling story elements and I used them to tell stories like the "Votreckers" (thanks for the name Ad) who are South African and Australian colonists of the furthest reaches of space who stuck using 200 year old technology and have a very racist attitude to everything. Its not real its a setting, its funny! Now I know some people get offended, if they do don't read it but getting sued over jokes is not really very cool at all.

So to conclude, should I alter the setting to make it less offensive? Does anyone know any Christians or Jews that I can discuss my setting with so I don't get pwnd by some religious dudes?

PS, I'm still going to make fun of South Africa, New Zealand, America, China, Russia, India, Middle East, etc. Everyone else does.


Ransico said...

Perhaps it depends on the intention... I like the cynical outlook on the universe presented in spacegame and think that if you altered it, the game just wouldn't be the same.

I say leave it in, if you're not making moneys and not breaching copyright, surely they can't touch you.

If they complain, you know you got it right.

MacBane said...

Thats awesome Rans, I hope so!

Lady Arden said...

Since when does anyone writing a roleplay game worry what ultra religious people think? They're not exactly your target audience...

I've read your space game book without wincing at American or religious jibes (only at the spelling! :P) because it's a work of futuristic fiction imaginatively exploring concepts that influence the human race in the past, present, and most likely future.