Sunday, August 15, 2010

Election time, lets not go back to the past lets go back to the future

Back to the Future; where we are going we don't need pants.

Tenuous at best.

My good mate GAK posted a tweet showing a snap of an awesome Delorean and that got me to thinking. We know the 80's is back in many ways most in pop culture (monocles like me think those people missed out by skipping right to PMoD). What about the things that really made the 80's awesome. I'm talking cold-war and nuclear Armageddon, is that why my generation spends so much time playing games in imaginary worlds and striving for imaginary things or is that simply because we internalized the awesomeness of the 80's and want to acquire virtual awesome things. Back to the Future had this awesome car, the Delorean a car which now represents what all manufactured goods should be, sort of work, last forever and epic vision. In Back to the Future, they have to fix the fuck-ups in the timeline; maybe there are points when things could go one way or the other. I thought Keven 07 was one such point; how disappointed I am in his colleagues.

History repeats, much like onions and history is multi layered too much like onions. Nothing happens without cause, even in our tiny backwater nation of Australia we get to make history.

This is the first election, where I as a voter feel there is no choice or option. So what happens out of this election, should either be the beginning of a new order or the final testing of the 2 party system.

A bold statement indeed, so what does that mean?

1: Monocle wearing Tony you know what you are getting. I would vote for libs if the leader were Malcolm Turnbul. I still may do, I'm finding it hard to engage though not for lack of information; however the consequences will never be the same. I don't know if it will be bad or not.

2: Labour party is as bad as a Labour party can get, and really showed that a lepard cannot change its spots regardless of how much RNA recombination it goes through. This assassination is the very core of their party. They did it before, and will do it again. With fear of your position how can you get anything done.

3: Greens have a good leader, however the groundswell doesn't appear to be there or is it? People who I never thought would vote green are. I think that this could be the year for them, they have some good people not just Bob Brown.

I think that the Nationals, should do a deal with the Greens somehow; hell bring the libs along for the ride if they could.

It could work, I would love to see the weird wrannger child of Barnaby and Brown and Joe. National policies that involve the national interest. One reason I don't like politicians is because they have huge egos and don't really understand anything other than politics. I understand that governance and transparency are important, but that gets you nowhere if you have no big idea.

What is the big idea of this election, please tell me because I don't want to go backwards.

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