Monday, December 22, 2008

Dark Energy and Blood of Sol

The void that binds, taken from Hyperion is basically in the Blood of Sol universe the Dark Energy. It’s a repulsive force that separated the celestial bodies of galaxies over time. So if you imagine the big bang pushing everything apart, the acceleration/speed would remain constant and not accelerate however we observe that the acceleration is increasing. We observe by looking at distant galaxies and we can see they are indeed accelerating by measuring the redshift of light.
This constant was first used by Einstein his cosmic constant (his greatest blunder). However, this constant is now shown that it may be dark energy repulsing everything apart. It’s called dark energy because it cannot be seen (funny that), but its effect is very prevalent. Its now very standard in cosmology.


Dark Energy Picture

Dark Energy and Dark Matter make up the bulk of the universe.

WTF does this have to do with the game world?

Well basically Blood of Sol is a hard Sci-Fi universe, yes it has things like warp drives but that’s to facilitated game play.

The Dark Energy is in Blood of Sol the total accumulation of information for every other piece of energy over time, hence its always expanding. This is the layer of quantum information, no need for different dimensions or realities it’s just a different state of energy, the oldest state from the beginning of everything. If you can read the dark energy you know the present and past locations of partials, if you can move it you can change it. In this universe time only runs forward, you can go back but not forward past now (because it doesn’t exist yet).

As I'm having trouble getting the document into google docs, ill have to delay it but I thought I would publish little bits here about it. This one was an idea I have been having for a time now, and wanted to share it.

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