Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Space Game hits 1.5.4

Well with printing of the rules nicely on a nice printer im going to work more on space game. Basically I have started a set of scenarios for some mercenaries. They take place just after the big ship has left for Ishta, the mercs are involved in a multi layered plot.

I have tried to keep the scenarios to one session the first one Ganymede Stomp is a rescue mission where the underwater exploratory lab owned by Berkley Genomics is walking along the bottom of the under ice ocean on Ganymede. It has four massive legs so its nicknamed the Stomper. The characters break in to find themselves confronted not by a crazy captain but a virus that phases in and out of reality. How cool is that a quantum virus that exists in both light matter and dark energy.

The next scenario in the series is called Titan Calling, I'm running that on Sunday it should be very sweet. In this one they are sent to investigate derilict space ship and find more than they bargined for. (no its not an alien rip off you noobs)

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Ransico said...

Giant 13 legged stomper you mean..

If it is that Kruft ship, the character may not be expecting all that much but the player is ¬_¬