Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Morality in a dark future universe

Questions of morality arise from time to time in Space Game, good evil indifferent. Morality is a yardstick that a society measures itself by as a whole (good, bad, naughty and nice), over time morals shift and change.

In the Sci-fi universe of Blood of Sol, morality is in short supply to some but for others its in abundance. One world could have a moral code not unlike our own for example old earth is morally very similar to our own world they gloss over the bad things that their company's do, but rail against animal cruelty, infidelity and murder, and patent infringement.

The collective is in some cases more moral, taking very forward thinking view on personal freedom above all else, provide that you never hurt or impinge anyone else. This causes a dilemma in their legal system, were it not for the collectives vast network and constant discussions it would not work, however as they can change the laws very quickly people find that they become more moral on some aspects like murder, theft etc. At the same time, they don't believe that taking an idea is wrong, they copy peoples intellectual property and use it. The two societies although both moral polarise on some issues making a dynamic that means they can go to war over mining rights or theft of designs and plans.

Both sides agree that its morally wrong to kill humans (and AI's for the collective), but they do it anyway if it impinges there other ideals for their own greater goods.

So in a Sci-fi setting morality varies depending on the society just as it does here and now, but what about the alien societies?

In space game, the aliens are pretty alien seraphims are really just ideas manifested in physical form ideas like justice, peace, unity, rebellion, chaos and order. Their physical forms exist in the universe and develop their own personality separately from the entity itself a sort of shadow not unlike the relationship between the super ego and the id with the id being the true form existing at the beginning of the universe. These aliens here, have guided mankind their super ego or the shadow appears to the humans and manipulates them through out time. The id or true form, is interested only in its idea law, chaos, death, life etc.

In essence morality for these aliens is so one sided only the slightest change is considered abhorrent. A Seraphim of law will consider any infringement chaotic and therefore will act accordingly. However the shadows will have a balance as they are a whole being, able to discern shades of grey in the universe. A life shadow is capable of killing if it will save more lives.

The other alien cultures have their own morals, Kruth consider it very strange to lie until they encountered humans they never even knew the concept of deceit. They follow a code of honor that involves bravery, splendor, rapture and community. Kruth believe in themselves and using thinking machines or computers is also abhorrent, why let a machine think for you when you can do the math yourself.

Drooge morality is very simple, they believe that killing other drooge is abhorrent, as they spawn or bud for reproduction they are extremely sexually promiscuous and have no morals about that. Taking a spawn away from the group is also abhorrent, unless that spawn is immature and has not awakened yet. Cannibalism of their own species is perfectly fine.

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