Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Mercenary Stories

I have started creating the first scenario pack, Mercenary Stories. This is a sneak peak at what I'm doing for the starting campaign. The basic story revolves around a group of mercenary characters who join a mercenary company called Expedient Solutions lead by its mercenary commander Marcelo Vicenza. Over the coarse of the campaign the characters become involved in the main story arch of the setting, the war that the Lucerferians are fighting against mankind. Every other scenario is a story arc scenario where the characters get further and furthur embeded in a web of intriege, ancient evil, and moral choices.

The first two scenarios are finished.

Ganymede Stomp
A mission of the week, the characters must rescue some scientists from certain death on the ocean floor of Ganymede.

Titan Calling
A Story arc scenario which occures on an abandandoed colony of Titan, where they must guard some Prime industries geoligists as they unearth somthing from the ice.

Each of the scenarios has a title which is linked to their content, and this is the theme throughout the book. In the setting of Blood of Sol, there is no good or evil merely the tide of humanity marching into the future and struggling to survived surrounded by aliens of vast and terrible power, who would much rather ignore than assist humanity.

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